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West OZ DX

Is a loose affiliation of radio amateurs, mainly from Western Australia, interested in working portable as part of IOTA, SOTA and lighthouse activations.

Members of the group have activated the IOTA groups OC-071, OC-234, OC-243, OC-266, OC-206, OC-193, OC-164, OC-211 and OC170. Short stories and photos from each activation can be found in the IOTA pages.

International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend

The South West Western Australian capes lighthouses have been activated since 2008 as VK6CNL for Cape Naturaliste and VK6CLL for Cape Leeuwin. We now have a Facebook page Capes Lighthouse Group. Anyone interested in joining the activations at VK6CNL (Cape Naturaliste) or VK6CLL (Cape Leeuwin) please get in touch westozdx[at] or post on our Facebook page.

VK6YS Silent Key

Wally, VK6YS a very active member of the group became a silent key on the 23 March 2016. He had fought a long battle with MND/ALS/Joe Gehrig’s disease.

Anyone looking for QSL’s from Wally and the IOTA expeditions he participated in please contact Nigel VK6NI, contact details are correct on Please note that QSL requests via the bureau will not be answered as was originally stated when activations took place. Cards for the IOTA expeditions are now extremely limited. Should you require that vital card please contact Nigel to find out if a card is available before sending a card and green stamps.