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Spider Beam Antennas

This IOTA is not as difficult to get to as some of those in the OC243 group to the West, with islands such as Cheyne (Location of island) accessible from the shore in a small boat launched from the beach. However, the weather can change very quickly in this part of the south coast so caution is always necessary. Also it is necessary to note that if you want to stay for an extended time or overnight on islands such Cheyne they are all nature reserves and therefore require the particular permission of the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife or DPAW.

October 2007 Activation

This is the online log search for VK6CHI operations.

Cheyne Island was worked on the weekend of the 13-14 October using the callsign VK6CHI, with around 1900 contacts made. Wally VK6YS and Bruce KD6WW set up on the island on the Friday and worked CW on 40 and 30m. On Saturday Nigel VK6KHD(now VK6NI) joined them and 40, 30, 20 and 17m was worked in both CW and SSB modes. The station was dismantled on the Sunday morning due to a strong wind warning increasing the risk of crossing to the mainland in the small boat we had, and the forecast was very accurate, with the wind rising early making it quite a serious process getting gear and personnel off and back to the mainland.

Overall conditions were not the best with 20m into Europe subject to a lot of QSB. The new Spider beam proved its worth on both 20 and 17m with signals much improved over the verticals. A good spread of signals was received from across Japan, the Soviet Republics and into Europe, the odd call from the USA and South Africa was also received

An online Log for the operation curtesy of Clublog is available at the bottom of this page.

QSL route is direct to VK6YS or VK6NI (see

QSL Card

A panorama pic of Cheyne Island

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Operators Wally and Bruce Cheyne Island Antennas in the Sunset Antennas in the Sunset Antennas in the Sunset Antennas in the Sunset Antennas in the Sunset Antennas in the Sunset

1. Wally, VK6YS, and Bruce, KD6WW, next to the operating tents
2. Cheyne island from the road leading down to the beach
3. Bruce working out which way is up for the first tent
4. The Australian mainland from the operating location on Cheyne Island
5. Bruce, KD6WW, hard at it
6. Spiderbeam set up for 20/17/15 bands
7. Nigel, VK6KHD, at the mike on the Saturday
8. Sunset over the mainland with Spiderbeam and dinghy in foreground

Island Location

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